Surface Processing workshop features presentation by MTIX

Surface Processing was the subject of a recent workshop that was put on by PhotonicNet and hosted at the excimer laser assembly facility of Coherent Laser Systems GmbH located in Göttingen, Germany. Surface processing with advanced laser technologies is the enabling, and often a performance determining manufacturing step in many high tech markets and applications. The success formula for any technology is bridging the gap between depositing, structuring or modifying a surface and achieving industrial processing rates, yield and throughput. This workshop gave insight into the latest laser surface processing approaches and technologies.  Talks were delivered from a range of industries.  They aimed at fostering mutual understanding and fruitful discussions about the challenges of manufacturing surfaces.

MTIX Ltd was asked to present on it’s unique uses of lasers in it’s proprietary MLSE process.  Here is the abstract for MTIX Ltd’s presentation.

Hydrophobicity achieved through MLSE surface processing

Hydrophobicity achieved through MLSE

Multiplexed Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE®) is a process developed by the principals of MTIX Ltd more than 2 decades ago.  The principle of MLSE is the exploitation of the chemistry of a substrate material to affect a permanent change.  This change is brought about by the unique milieu of energies and ingredients used while processing the surface of the substrate material.  Lasers of multiple wavelengths and powers, as well as other energy sources, are combined with environmental gases and solid particles in open atmosphere.  The effect is direct synthesis of novel materials on the surface of and inside the substrate.  The initial application of MLSE was the direct synthesis of diamond on metals, ceramics, cermets and polymeric materials.  Fast forward to present day, where MLSE has been utilized in several hundred discrete applications, synthesizing a myriad of advanced materials, and is protected by trade secret and dozens of world wide patents.  MLSE is a rapid, economical and environmentally friendly technology that despite its vast uses, has only begun to see its potential.


MLSE is getting a lot of attention lately.  Please also have a look at this article about a Spanish non-profit organization that reported their findings related to the use of MLSE on footwear.