Protective Wear article talks about MLSE®

The World Textile Information Network released an industry report about Protective Wear on September 3, 2018.  This article featured a section focused on using MLSE® for the finishing of textiles.  Here is that section.

Finishing with MLSE®

MLSE® (multiplex laser surface enhancement) is a patented novel textile technology for finishing applications, such as the functionalisation of fabric, which supports Industry 4.0 aims and has been trademarked by the company MTiX. Examples include: water, oil, and fuel repellency; fire retardancy; anti-microbial and CBW (Chemical Biowarfare) protection; enhanced surface preparation for dyeing and printing (traditional and digital).

MTIX Ltd is a material science, process synthesis and systems engineering innovations company. It has been acquired by MTIX International Corporation from the United States which is now scaling the organisation to the meet the global market demand.

MLSE® is the combination of multiple high energy sources, along with a unique mixture of gasses, solids and/or liquids for the purpose of directly synthesising materials on and in a specified material substrate. Each unique combination of energies and various matters is encoded into a Process Algorithm. The MLSE® platform can also be used to deliver and enhance almost any existing precursor chemistry used for finishing by having these incorporated into a Process Algorithm, capitalising on the drastic reduction of energy, water, and chemicals consumed.

MTIX already has a number of commercial successes in both the technical textile area as well as in apparel manufacturing. The technology could dramatically impact the protective wear market as it is available on a technology-as-a-service basis and can provide functionality to fabrics in an efficient and controlled manner.

Related: WTIN is hosting a 3 day / 4 event textile show in Amsterdam later this year.  MTIX is sponsoring the event and will be presenting at the Re:Think Materials segment!