Innovate Textile & Apparel – Amsterdam

Wednesday, November 7th 2018, marked the kickoff of the inaugural Innovate Textile & Apparel conference presented by the World Textile Innovation Network (WTIN).  Phil Mansour (CEO, MTIX International) and Jahr Turchan (Vice President of Business Development, MTIX Ltd.) gave the closing presentation for the opening day.  Here is the abstract for the presentation.

 Innovate Textile & Apparel

Innovate Textile & Apparel 2018 – Amsterdam

MLSE® (multiplex laser surface enhancement) is a patented novel textile technology for finishing applications, such as the functionalization of fabric, which supports Industry 4.0 aims and this technology has worldwide trademark registration.  Examples include: water, oil, and fuel repellency; fire retardancy; anti-microbial and CBW (Chemical Biowarfare) protection; enhanced surface preparation for dyeing and printing (traditional and digital). MTIX is a material science, process synthesis and systems engineering innovation company. MTIX already has a number of commercial successes in both the technical textile area as well as in apparel manufacturing. The technology will dramatically impact every textile sub-sector as it is available on a technology-as-a-service basis and can provide functionality to fabrics in an efficient and controlled manner.

A recording of the presentation can be seen here – MTIX @ ITA Amsterdam, 2018

MTIX was a proud sponsor of the entire Innovate Textile & Apparel conference.  Phil Mansour was asked to participate in presenting the Future Textile Awards as well.  Check out our earlier post for a list of awards and nominees for the Future Textile Awards 2018