H&M desperately protecting Fast Fashion way of life

H&M has 52 seasons of fashion, the epitome of Fast Fashion. Is it any wonder that the H&M Boss, Karl-Johan Persson, is publicly speaking out against those who want to be more sustainable?


H&M promote fast fashion

In a recent article in the Independent, there was an article run about Persson and his comments about how ditching fast fashion would have significant negative social repercussions.

At one point in the article, Persson sounds like he is admitting that there is a problem, but re-directs and says we should pay attention to other issues instead. Such a weak argument.

The article also points out that H&M has stated they will be “climate positive” which apparently means reducing more Greenhouse Gas emissions than its value chain emits. This is an irresponsible claim. This would suggest that the climate is ONLY affected by the industrial emissions of greenhouse gas. The climate is a huge complex system that relies on so very many things. A huge aspect of it is our waterways which are continually polluted with the chemicals from textile processing, Micro Plastics from textiles that find their way into the water systems, pollution from the excess textile waste perpetuated by the overproduction of unwanted clothing…. the list can go on.

H&M‘s single dimension view and strategy are lacking and frankly quite disappointing.

Hopefully they will broaden their understanding of climate and environmental issues caused by fashion and the rest of the textile market and take a more meaningful approach to mitigate, or better yet eliminate, the negative impact from this industry.

Link to the full article here.

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