Pravin Mistry, Director – Inventor of MLSE (R)

Pravin Mistry is the Founder, President and CEO of MTIX Limited.  Since establishing the company in 2006, Pravin Mistry brought MLSE® technology to the textile world, revolutionizing the creation of technical textiles. Mistry developed Multiplexed Laser Surface Enhancement (MLSE®), as President  of QQC, Inc.  His discoveries revolutionized diamond synthesis technology, combining UV and infrared lasers to synthesize diamond coatings on metals, polymers and other substrates. Pravin Mistry’s career also includes 23 previous years in the packaging industry, where he developed and introduced advanced engineering ceramics and novel coatings for the packaging industry innovations and accomplishments have resulted in numerous worldwide patents for advanced materials, products and processes.

Pravin’s other interests include Historical metallurgy, materials, music and media.


Selected articles on Mr. Mistry’s Diamond Synthesis Inventions: